More feedback from courses…

1 04 2008

I don’t want to bog the pages down with feedback so I’ve put a random selection from different comedy courses as it seems a shame to keep it to myself!

They say a good teacher has a passion for their subject which, Sally obviously does.’

‘You were happy to take the sessions whereever people wanted and were very patient’

‘Sally is very confident and in control and I feel her experience allows classes to be more experiment and diverse.’

‘I have really loved doing something different and I have learned a huge amount.’

‘I have thoughly enjoyed the course and have learnt so many valuable skills. Sally has the art of communicating to each and everyone in the group.  An excellent teacher.

‘Georgeous, clever and funny.’

‘Sally’s tuition - better than good. Looks – average.  Dress sense -  poor – like me :-)’