Bea photos 006Hello everyone, I am no longer teaching while I concentrate on writing. The wonderful news is that my new book Grow your own HRT is out now. It’s all about the science behind plant hormones, menopause symptoms and diseases of aging (yes I’ve definitely left the comedy world, but there are one or two gags in there for old times sake!) Plant hormones are used in drugs and supplements but my book shows you how to cut out the middle man and sprout them on your windowsill, in just two minutes a day. I have a new website CLICK HERE. It’s under my real name as it’s a science book, although some of you my recognize my writing style. 

I hope it does as well as my previous book The Serious Guide to Joke Writing which has now sold over fourteen thousand copies.   To see more about it CLICK HERE.

My next book All the things I tried for my M.E or The Stand up who couldn’t stand up – I haven’t fully decided  what to call it yet is still underway.  I have been writing it on and off for years and I’m nearly there now. Just trying a few last experiments with my health, which you might be pleased to hear is slowly getting better. 

I’m so glad that people can still access my joke writing course through my book, plus you can see me teaching onYouTube.  A local student made a film about doing his first stand-up gig (a few years ago now).  The editing makes me look a bit contradictory and I’m not keen on the close ups (ha ha) but CLICK HERE to see for yourself. If for any reason you can’t see it then try pasting this code in


I have also posted a few articles about comedy here. Why not try The Secret of Comedy Writing? or Comedians your insecurities are a joke!, Genius? It’s all about taking risks and Why I use Joke Writing Formulas, and How to deal with Hecklers.

Happy Joke Writing