ebayanddaring 024Hello everyone, I am no longer teaching while I concentrate on writing my next book all about the menopause! I want to say a big thank you to all the students I have worked with over the last couple of years, it has been heart-warming to see how people interact with ideas.

My book The Serious Guide to Joke Writing has now sold over ten thousand copies and at times it’s been so popular that it’s been at number one in the Amazon chart ‘Comedy & Stand-up’.   To see more about it CLICK HERE.

You can see me teaching onYouTube.  A local student made a film about doing his first stand-up gig (a few years ago now).  The editing makes me look a bit contradictory and I’m not keen on the close ups (ha ha) but CLICK HERE to see for yourself. If for any reason you can’t see it then try pasting this code in


I have also posted a few articles about comedy here. Why not try The Secret of Comedy Writing? or Comedians your insecurities are a joke!, Genius? It’s all about taking risks and Why I use Joke Writing Formulas, and How to deal with Hecklers.

Happy Joke Writing